Carolina Pond Stars

Trained by the experts at Aquascape Inc. begining in 2007, iPond and Waterfalls is Carolina's trusted name in all things Pond related. Our team is made up of professionals that are as passionate about clear ponds, flowing natural waterfalls and happy koi as you will ever find. When you are looking for expertise in Aquascaping, you'll find our company fits the bill. Very few  have had the extensive training and time to build the kind of portfolio iPond and Waterfalls has. A committment to excellence is what sets us apart from someone who overcharges and overpromises. We always do more!

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Annual Pond Training Pondemonium

It's a Team Effort

A lot of companies can claim to be locally owned but not all locally owned companies have involved owners. It is not uncommon for Jacob's lil helpers to be out on a job and help out. It's just one of the many things that sets our company apart. Training Pond Nerds from birth.         :)


Carolina Pond Stars

It was a great time and a new adventure was born. It all started in 2007 within weeks of my son, Seth’s, birth. I was on my way to Aqualand outside Chicago to begin what would become an annual pilgrimage for training with the best water gardeners in America at Aqualand. Aqualand is the corporate headquarters for Aquascape Inc, the largest and best manufacturer of water garden equipment in North America. Aqualand is more than a building though. It emphasizes sustainable philosophies held dear in modern construction boasting the largest sloping green roof in the US. It is a LEED certified building, which means great effort was used in each stage of construction to incorporate sustainable practices. These were my teachers and the lessons have proved valuable.

With the ecosystem philosophy I was taught in 2007 and further refined in annual training at Pondemonium (annual gathering of the best pond builders anywhere, but more about that later) I learned how to successfully create beautiful natural looking water features. The amazing benefits to this practice create increased habitat for wildlife and a place where loved ones can reconnect with creation and each other. The ecosystem philosophy we use at iPond to look at solutions to problems associated with our use and abuse of water, our most precious natural resource, create peace of mind for our future. Almost all of our projects have the option of using the RainExchange system, rainwater harvesting to reuse on-site, in an effort to further enhance the benefits of a water feature for years to come.

Each year in August, between 300 and 500 of the best water garden builders from all over the world gather at an annual event called Pondemonium. This event is held by Aquascape, at Aqualand, and is the best opportunity for classes and networking from those who are committed to your progress as a pond builder. Everyone there is constantly sharing what it is that makes him or her successful in what they do. It is a challenge to be better year after year in order to help those who share your passion for creating excellent living works of art and learning how to also successfully manage the bookkeeping end. It is with all this support that I started my journey into the pond world in March of 2007 and it is what, each year, allows me to bring so much passion to each of our projects.

Whether it is a small Pondless waterfall built just for a friend’s rescued puppy to drink from or a showcase waterfall announcing the entrance to a grand neighborhood, each project is special and has to be completed perfectly the first time. The wrong contractors can cost a potential client thousands of dollars in misused funds for undersized equipment that is installed wrong and therefore useless. We stand ready to provide solutions through our countless hours of experience and our network of Certified Aquascape Contractors to prevent these types of situations.

It’s been 8 years now since my son came along and if you had asked me back them what I thought a pond was I would’ve said “That thing in Grandpa’s backyard”. It has become so much more and so much has happened since then. I started as a distributor for Aquascape training other contractors with Build-A-Pond days (hands on classes building ponds and waterfalls) and in the end just couldn’t resist living my passion for creating art. I was younger than my son when I started drawing and have always loved water (Who doesn’t?) but I could have only dreamed how they would be combined. I hope to be writing more chapters in years to come and thank you in advance for letting me live my passion by creating a water feature for you. It will change your life. I know it changed mine.