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If you know someone who loves their yard and would benefit from the relaxation of an aquatic oasis from the digital age, let us know and we will say thank you with a gift of your choice of a $100 Gift Card or $200 off your own water feature.

Consultation must result in paid project.

A Build-A-Pond Day is a seminar designed to teach the proper and efficient installation of a fully functioning ecosystem pond in One Day's time. YES, it can be done. This class is offered in Spring of each year and is open to landscapers and homeowners who want to know how to do it Right the First Time! This seminar is hands on, so bring a shovel and a smile. We'll provide the lunch. Sere you there. To sign up: Follow this link to our email contact page.

Cost is $49 in advance or $79 payable on day of seminar

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Earn FREE Maintenance visits by providing us with online feedback and reviews

$10 credit toward maintenance call with each review.

5 reviews earns a FREE maintenance trip.

During a regular maintenance visit we will:
Add Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds- for water clarity
Apply Ecoblast- to help fight debris in the water and on the rocks and gravel
Add S.A.B. Extreme- to help fight or prevent debris in the stream
Empty the debris net
Clean the skimmer filter mat as needed
Check the status of your underwater lights
Check the pump for proper flow
Check and adjust the automatic water fill valve
Trim and remove any dead plants and water lillies
Fertilize your water lillies